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Huntsville Divorce Lawyers Provide Comprehensive Legal Guidance

Skillful advocates take strong action on behalf of North Alabama clients

Divorce is usually a painful process where parties dwell on the past. However, an experienced Alabama family lawyer can give you the counsel and strength to focus on the future. Amy A. Slayden Family Law P.C. in Huntsville aggressively pursues clients’ goals in all types of divorces. Whether you and your spouse have agreed on issues such as alimony and property division or each facet of your case is highly contested, we will protect your rights and take necessary legal action to help you obtain a positive result.

Thorough attorneys outline legal options for spouses ending a marriage

As family law attorneys with more than 30 years of combined experience, we can give you the information you need up front to select the type of divorce that best fits your needs regarding:

  • Grounds — No-fault divorce is available in Alabama when the marriage has broken down irretrievably or the parties are incompatible. Spouses who seek to prove that their partner committed some type of marital misconduct can employ one of several fault-based grounds, including adultery, abandonment and extended imprisonment.
  • Contested versus uncontested dissolution — Spouses who agree to terminate their marriage and have no disputes over divorce terms can save time and money with an uncontested divorce. Even if it seems like there may be conflicts or potential pitfalls, we can make sure that you understand the possible long-term consequences and correctly complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Process — Many elements affect the divorce process and how long it takes. When parties agree on all terms and submit a completed settlement agreement to the court, it might take approximately four months from the date of filing. Even if it takes longer than that, it’s important to realize that the outcome will affect you for many years to come, so it’s crucial to effectively assert your rights.

Whatever your particular concerns or objectives might be, our determined North Alabama attorneys will develop a complete strategy to help secure a favorable outcome.

Experienced firm advises on custody, child support and alimony matters

We are accomplished attorneys who represent North Alabama clients in every aspect of divorce litigation and related matters, such as:

  • Alimony — For marriages where one spouse earned all or most of the income, alimony might be granted to the other partner who remained in the home. If this is an issue in your divorce, we’ll explain the key factors and advocate for a proper outcome.
  • Child custody — Our lawyers have the skill to negotiate and litigate child custody and visitation terms that give your son or daughter the best chance to thrive.
  • Property division — Ending a marriage triggers major financial consequences, and we work tirelessly to achieve a truly equitable distribution of personal property, bank accounts, stocks and other assets.
  • Child support — Establishing fair child support terms is crucial for both custodial and noncustodial parents. For clients throughout the area, we advise on the factors used to set initial rates as well as proposed modifications and actions where a parent is accused of violating their legal obligation.
  • Legal separation — Our firm also assists clients who seek legal separation so that they can safeguard their rights and interests without legally terminating their marriage.

Making a major change in your life is always stressful, but you can count on us for honest, assertive advocacy that makes a positive difference for you and your children.

Contact an accomplished Huntsville divorce lawyer to make an appointment

The Huntsville firm of Amy A. Slayden Family Law P.C. handles Alabama divorce proceedings for clients in Madison, Limestone, Morgan and Marshall counties. To schedule a consultation, please call 256-529-4437 or contact us online.

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