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Child Custody

Huntsville Child Custody Lawyers Work to Resolve Parenting Terms

Knowledgeable firm assists with matters involving residence and authority

Parents of minor children should always focus on what is best for their children during a divorce. Alabama law calls for arrangements that ensure frequent and continuing contact with both parents, but working out the details can become quite contentious. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Amy A. Slayden Family Law P.C. delivers strong legal support for parents who seek legal and physical custody terms that serve their children’s best interests. Whether agreement exists regarding issues of residence, decision-making authority and visitation or there are significant conflicts, we’ll work diligently to find the best possible solution for your child.

Dedicated advocates pursue fair custody and visitation arrangements

As in other states, Alabama courts render child custody decisions based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the child. When litigating these matters, our firm thoroughly reviews safety, educational, social and emotional factors to build the most compelling case. Because we give each client personalized representation, we develop strong arguments relating to:

  • Potential dangers, such as parental substance use problems or a history of domestic abuse
  • The importance of having a routine, maintaining relationships with friends and remaining in the same school
  • Each parent’s willingness to communicate and cooperate on important issues affecting the child
  • The child’s preference if old enough to make a mature decision

Typically, legal custody is awarded jointly so that both parents have a say in key decisions relating to medical care, schooling and religion. However, if a father or mother has a history of making bad choices, sole legal custody might be appropriate. A grant of sole physical custody usually is accompanied by terms calling for frequent visitation with the noncustodial parent. Each case has its own unique nature, and our knowledgeable lawyers will review your situation in detail to construct an effective strategy.

Family litigators handle relocation, enforcement and modification issues

Following the entry of a divorce order, numerous issues can still arise. Our North Alabama family law attorneys handle various concerns relating to parenting time, such as:

  • Relocation — Career and family responsibilities sometimes compel a divorced parent to move. If someone seeks to relocate from the present home, the co-parent must have at least 45 days’ notice. When the proposed move is to another state or a location in Alabama that is more than 60 miles away, the co-parent has a chance to contest the relocation. Various factors relating to the child’s welfare are considered by the court, and in certain instances, primary residential custody might be switched.
  • Enforcement and modification of custody orders — Even a well-crafted custody order will fail if parents ignore its terms, and even small violations can lead to big problems later. Accordingly, we take forceful action on behalf of clients if they need custody or visitation terms to be enforced. Should circumstances demand a change to the language in the existing order, we also handle modification petitions.
  • Visitation and shared parenting — Under the state’s new shared parenting law, physical custody does not have to be evenly split, but children should spend “as much time as is practical” with the parent who lives apart from them. Courts encourage parties to develop parenting time plans on their own when possible. Our firm helps clients with details that are sometimes overlooked, such as transportation between homes and attendance at extracurricular activities.

It’s usually best when parents find a way to reach consensus, but if a serious dispute exists, getting what is best for your child is worth fighting for. We aren’t afraid to take on parents who are being unreasonable or who seek terms that aren’t in your son’s or daughter’s best interests.

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Amy A. Slayden Family Law P.C. in Huntsville advises Alabama residents on child custody matters and other family law issues. We serve Madison, Limestone, Morgan and Marshall counties. To arrange a consultation, please call 256-529-4437 or contact us online.

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Client Reviews
  • "My family worked with Sarah Meigs an Attorney with Amy Slayden Family Law, we were extremely happy with Sarah's experience and knowledge. She helped us get a custody battle dismissed and communicated with us over weekend and evenings, and did what it took to get the job done. We are extremely grateful to her and I would recommend her service to anyone needing help."  -Posted by Frank

  • "I hired Amy to represent me in a contested divorce with custody. She was able to argue my case in court in front of a female judge and legally outmaneuver my wife's lawyer. No shenanigans, no stunts, just good, solid legal execution. My wife attempted to bring me in for contempt of court, again Amy stepped in and protected my interests. Hire her again without a second thought. If you're a father trying to get a fare shake in the Alabama courts, you can do no better than Amy."  -Posted by anonymous

  • "My family can never thank Amy enough for what she has done for us over the years. She has followed our case and been with us every step of the way. Child custody cases are always emotional, but Amy kept my son safe and we can never thank her enough for that. She always gave us straight forward advice, told us the good or the bad, and was there for us every step of the way. She was compassionate and understanding with us and especially with our son. I have never seen another lawyer so confident and prepared in a court room. She is absolutely amazing. We owe her so much and would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with child custody issues."  -Posted by Vergenia

  • "Amy was able to, very quickly, after 6 years, previous attorneys, mishandled court fileings, and being the man who's case, "slipped through the cracks" , allow me to get a proper visitation order filed in court. She was tough, fair and very well prepared for my case. Thanks again Amy."  -Posted by anonymous

  • "I received a referral to Amy Slayden from an elected official who had recently become a friend. I hired her for post divorce litigation after a non-so-great divorce settlement filed with another attorney in town several years prior. I wished I had hired her for my initial divorce! I have retained her now four times for post divorce litigation. She is tough, smart, and cares about her clients. My ex-husband keeps changing attorneys to try to match her level of expertise, but thus far has not come close. "  -Posted by Christa